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The seventh chakra, the crown (Sahasrara), is associated with awakening our spirituality. This chakra is our highest energy center and brings inner wisdom and spiritual growth. A balanced seventh chakra connects us to the highest state of enlightenment and cosmic consciousness. A balanced seventh chakra brings:

• fulfillment of one’s destiny
• enhanced sense of spirituality
• a sense of bliss

Basic issues: wisdom, intuitive knowing, spiritual development, humanitarianism, connection to the Divine, universal higher consciousness

Associated body parts: center of the head, brain

Emotional Issues: worry, depression, psychosis, insanity

Physical Issues: cerebral illnesses, musculoskeletal diseases, skin problems, hypersensitivity to light and sounds, chronic exhaustion

Sanskrit: Sahasrara
top of the head
Color: violet
Mantra: om
Element: energy
Sense: oneness
Food: none (fasting, ingest only water, juices)
Gemstones and crystals: clear quartz, amethyst, black opal, diamond
Essential oils: frankincense, geranium, sandalwood
Flower essences: lotus, star tulip, yarrow
Yoga asana: Adho Mukhasana (downward dog)
Beneficial activities: chanting, silent meditation